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emmett scanlan is a fucking treasure


so itsbadjuju and I spontaneously bought fish today (the fish are staying at their house), they bought and assembled the tank themselves while I tended to the fishies. They were traumatized Walmart fish. The employee who assisted us did not work in that department, I’m guessing they lacked workers during that time, but because she didn’t have experience with this area, she accidentally dropped the white fish in the sink, and she couldn’t get it out for a few seconds(dondy and I were DYING). Aside from that experience, they made it home safe and sound. We’ve been wanting a Black Moor for a long time, his name is Grueber(this name goes way back), and the Calico(Moor?) is Kieren! The big black eyes, splotchy black lips and face is too reminiscent of Kieren, so. 

Kieren waddles and his fins are out of sync and it’s SO CUTE. Grueber’s so big and grumpy and his movements are swift and steady. Their dynamic is adorable. 

Also, they bought me this really cute pink alpaca! With a cute blue penguin pencil and another sanrio character(I actually don’t know that character’s name!), but I love these a lot, they were very thoughtful, so of course they need to be shared. <3 u v u




These skylights.

THE BED AND BATH BOOK by Terence Conran ©1978

as if I needed any more reason not to get out of the shower

I am in dire NEED of bath bombs


kieren walker in #5 for waytoochipper

its the first time i draw kier be gentle